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Immigration Physical

As a USCIS Civil Surgeon (Immigration Doctor), Dr. Resil provides Physical Examination for the I-693 forms.  

By using state of the art technology, we provide effective and faster service:  your physical can be completed and be ready to be submitted to the Immigration Service within 48 to 72 hours.  Your hospital test results can be retrieved in a secure website for its prompt interpretation.

Documents needed at appointment:

  • Official picture ID  ( valid driver’s license, work employment ID, foreign passport….)
  • if available, prior immunization report. All valid immunization records are accepted (even from abroad)


Tests or records required :

  •  A comprehensive physical examination performed by Dr. Claude Resil (chaperoned by a female medical staff when necessary) or one of the employed female Nurse Practitioners.
  • RPR test (Syphilis) and Gonorrhea test
  • Required Immunization:
    • Adults:  TD/Tdap, MMR I & II, Varicella I & II or history of Varicella disease, Influenza vaccine (during the Flu season), Pneumovax (for those over 65 years of age), Age -appropriate Hepatitis B, Meningococcal, Rota Virus Vaccines….
    • Children:  all scheduled vaccines for age

PS: *All valid immunization records are accepted (even from abroad)

       *Those who have a US Primary Care Physician can get the above vaccines and undergo  the laboratory tests (RPR & Gonorrhea) from that provider then submits a signed report to our office.

  • Tuberculosis blood tests: Quantiferon or T-Spot is required  for those over 2 years of age. If the  Quantiferon or T-Spot blood test is positive, a chest X-ray is required to rule out active Pulmonary Tuberculosis. The X-ray can be taken at a nearby hospital and interpreted within 1-2 hours, because of our affiliation with the local hospitals (Carney Hospital  in Boston or Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton).
  • (PPD Skin test is no longer accepted started 10/01/2018) 


Additional testings and fees may be necessary, based on the individual’s medical condition. 
Our fees are very competitive — Again, our turnaround time is 48 to 72 hours —  Walk-ins are welcome.