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Claude Resil, MD

  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine  
  • Clinical Instructor (Tufts University School of Medicine)
  • Nurse Practitioner’s Preceptor
    (Regis College & University of Massachusetts Boston)
  • US Civil Surgeon (Immigration Physician in the greater Brockton)
  • Certified Medical Examiner (DOT/CDL). National Registry #: 6631274359

He is affiliated with the following Hospitals: Carney Hospital in Dorchester, Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton, BI-Deaconess Milton Hospital in Milton and Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain.

Dr. Claude Resil is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, practicing in the greater Boston and Brockton for the past twelve years.  He has excellent bedside manner. He is also a USCIS Civil Surgeon, performing Immigration medical exams for individuals seeking change in their immigration status as required by the standard set by DHHS.

He is a native of Haiti, graduated from “the State University of Medicine and of Pharmacy of Haiti” with honors; he was ranked among the top five of his class.  Soon after graduation, Dr. Resil moved to Massachusetts where he completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Carney Hospital (Boston).  He was well respected among his peers and the program preceptors.  Because of his leadership skills and his notoriety in the Haitian community, he was selected in 2004 to serve a one-year term as member of the Medical Executive Committee of Carney Hospital.

He is a co-founder and the President of Resil Medical Associates.  Incorporated in 2001, RMA has evolved as one of the busiest practices of greater Boston, with two offices serving various ethnic groups. He is a frequent attendee of several medical seminars, a great opportunity for him to stay abreast of new development impacting the medical field.  Dr. Resil is also an occasional lecturer at various pharmaceutical associations’ gatherings as he interacts with a diverse group of representatives on issues relating to medication prescriptions, their costs and side effects.  He put great emphasis on preventive medicine.

He is a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society and the American Medical Association.  He is fluent in French and Haitian Creole.  His work has been acknowledged by different local broadcasters like { Boston Haitian Reporter News, The Chronicle Channel 5, etc.}  Further, he has been the recipient of several awards.

RMA prides itself for giving back to the community; in that respect, Dr Resil has frequently been the guest speaker at many social and religious events. He has hosted several health education radio and television shows. Along with his devoted staff, he regularly organizes health fairs, immunization drives..

RMA has been the humble sponsor of numerous social and philantropic activities.

His hobbies: Tennis, Photography, Carpentry, Painting, Community outreach….