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Immigration Physical

As a USCIS Civil Surgeon (Immigration Doctor), Dr. Resil provides Physical Examination for the I-693 forms.  

By using state of the art technology, we provide effective and faster service:  your physical can be completed and be ready to be submitted to the Immigration Service within 48 to 72 hours.  Your hospital test results can be retrieved in a secure website for its prompt interpretation.

Documents needed at appointment:

  • Official picture ID  ( valid driver’s license, work employment ID, foreign passport….)
  • if available, prior immunization report. All valid immunization records are accepted (even from abroad)


Tests or records required :

  •  A comprehensive physical examination performed by Dr. Claude Resil (chaperoned by a female medical staff when necessary) or one of the employed female Nurse Practitioners.
  • RPR test (Syphilis) and Gonorrhea test
  • Required Immunization:
    • Adults:  TD/Tdap, MMR I & II, Varicella I & II or history of Varicella disease, Influenza vaccine (during the Flu season), Pneumovax (for those over 65 years of age), Age -appropriate Hepatitis B & Meningococcal Vaccines….
    • Children:  all scheduled vaccines for age

PS: *All valid immunization records are accepted (even from abroad)

       *Those who have a US Primary Care Physician can get the above vaccines and undergo  the laboratory tests (RPR & Gonorrhea) from that provider then submits a signed report to our office.

  • Tuberculosis Skin Testing (PPD) or Quantiferon is required for those over 2 years of age. If the TB/PPD test is positive (> 4mm of skin induration) or positive Quantiferon blood test, a chest X-ray is required to rule out active Pulmonary Tuberculosis. The X-ray can be taken at a nearby hospital and interpreted within 2 hours, because of our affiliation with the local hospitals (Carney Hospital  in Boston or Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton).


Additional testings and fees may be necessary, based on the individual’s medical condition. 
Our fees are very competitive — Again, our turnaround time is 48 to 72 hours —  Walk-ins are welcome.